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Natural space designed for play, leisure and the enjoyment of the entire family, where will surprise you every day with a wide range of services, products and activities as shows, animations, play Centre, library and many other surprises that will make your stay in the Park becomes a unique, pleasant and fun experience. Sweet, mild, aromatic, wonderful with pine nuts or walnuts, made from rosemary tree, strawberries We're talking about honey from Rancho Cortesano in Jerez, where they've been keeping honey bees for 30 years and where there's an extremely sweet Museum open to the public.

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The Museum is aimed at adults and children of all ages, who will have a great time watching how the bees work and dressing up as beekeepers. They normally produce between 30, and 40, kilos of honey per year. The Museum offers a wide variety of products to try and buy, including jars of Thousand Flower honey, Holm Oak honey, Eucalyptus honey, Orange Blossom honey, honey confectionery, "meloja" made from honey yeasts , pollen, royal jelly and honey soaps.

The Museum displays illustrate the vital role bees play in pollination and in the production of fruit and seeds. In fact, Rancho Cortesano also has an organic orchard with a huge variety of fruit trees, namely mangos, custard-apple, pears, apples, almonds, oranges and olives. Rancho Cortesano makes its own organic honey, bearing the Nature Park quality mark awarded by the Government of Andalucía Department of the Environment and its products are sold in gourmet stores in Spain and Germany.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon the show begins and the horses of the Royal School of Equestrian Art of Andalucía dance in an authentic equestrian ballet. The School puts on shows for groups and you can also watch training sessions.

Qué hacer en Cádiz con niños

Visit the facilities and watch a lovely show on horses in the wild. In summer, special prices for families. On Saturdays you can also catch the show performed at the Cartuja de Jerez Stud, at km 6. The institution has been devoted to improving the Cartujan horse breed since the Middle Ages. Step inside and you're plunged into a fantasy world of clocks, precious stones, special effects and a master clockmaker in 18th century dress who amazes visitors with his knowledge.

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The Time Palace the new clock museum is based in an old palatial home inside La Atalaya theme centre and houses an extensive collection of more than working clocks, Bohemian and Baccarat crystal, noble wood, mother of pearl and ivory, all displayed in a fantasy setting. You can also hear some of the most famous clock chimes in the world, including Big Ben. These time-measuring machines come from France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and include curious items such as a sun dial shaped like a cannon, a ship that sways and measures time, and a clown juggling cups.

Take a bike ride on the Green Route of the Sierra that will take you through the villages of Puerto Serrano and Olvera, among others: The Green Way follows the route taken by the old railway line for 36 kilometres, passing through 30 tunnels, 4 viaducts and 5 disused stations.

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This is a beautiful trail for walking or cycling, with many sights along the way, such as the cameras trained on vulture nesting sites and "Chaparro de la Vega", a venerable holm oak tree of years old standing over 13 metres tall that has been declared a national monument of Andalucía. There are also places to eat and sleep along the Green Way, either in old stations or in more unusual accommodation, such as apartments resembling railway wagons at the old station in Olvera.

At El Bosque you can see how bread was made in the 18th century by watching the whole process, from grinding the wheat in a water-driven mill through to baking the dough. When you've made your bread at the Molino de Abajo mill, you can take it home, freshly baked and still warm, or they can deliver it to your hotel.

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  8. It's even more delicious eaten with locally-made "chacina", black sausage, chorizo or salami-style sausage, which are by themselves, another important part of the province's culinary heritage. It is now one of Spain's best livestock farms and is still under the management of the Domecq family.

    The Domecq family was keen to show how fighting bulls and horses were bred and reared, but the estate was too big for members of the public to get a feel for the whole process in a short space of time. This led them to set up the project "In Open Country" in Spanish "A Campo Abierto" enabling visitors to get a glimpse of everyday life on the estate and watch exhibitions of fighting bulls and horses from tiered seating on a bull ring.

    Day 1: Day 2: Jerez de la Frontera. Cada habitación, Vuestra tienda de ropa y cositas para comprar y vender. Vended todo lo que los peques ya no necesitan y comprad a buen precio.

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    Aceptan ropa de primeras marcas casi sin uso, artículos infantiles, Emoción, estrategia y diversión asegurada para todos. Sendaland es un moderno Parque de Ocio y Actividades Educativas Escolar y Familiar, donde grandes y pequeños pueden disfrutar de los ultimos recursos en animación. Piscinas de bolas, Desarrollaréis las habilidades y competencias del siglo XXI, gracias a la metodología de Lego Education y la Robótica Ludoteca, parques de bolas, servicios de cumpleaños y talleres.

    Leo que todo el mundo visita en verano con buen tiempo.

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